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Little Stitchy Bee

PDF "Design Your Own Embroidery Pattern" - Digital Download

PDF "Design Your Own Embroidery Pattern" - Digital Download

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Ready to learn about the fundamentals of floral embroidery pattern design? I am taking all my knowledge and experience and sharing it with you in this 26 page PDF "How To Design Your Own Pattern" book. 

Two videos of 75 minutes combined of instructional videos I will teach you everything I know about how to create your own floral embroidery designs. Starting with the basics of how to use the pattern, step by step I will walk through the process of actually designing my own pattern using the tools from start to finish and how I chose where to apply the colours. In another video, I walk through the basics and fundamental concepts used in applying colour and colour theory. I will show you multiple examples and explanations of why and how colour works together. 

The digital download PDF with 22 pages includes design fundaments, colour theory, 2 pages of design elements scaled to sizes that work in a variety of hoop sizes, 4,5,6&7" embroidery hoop template pages and design and colour palette examples. 

If you'd like to grab all the supplies - you can check out the kit version -


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