Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn embroidery for a first time stitcher?

Stitch Sampler kits are my go-to for stitchers who want to ease their way in with a no pressure design to build skill and confidence.

Any beginner kit is designed to make you successful and come in a variety of levels from Beginner to Advanced Beginner but ALL of my kits come with instructions for ANY SKILL LEVEL. If you are a first time stitcher, an intermediate kit may include some elements that create a challenge but they still include the same first time stitcher education as all my Beginner kits. 

Do your kits include video or written?

My kits include a variety. They all include some version of both. 

Some of my beginners kits will include short form video tutorials for each stitch and then written instructions to explain where to apply each stitch.

Some kits will include very detailed 2 hour videos that walk you through the entire pattern from start to finish.

Some of my kits were originally stitched LIVE on Instagram and have links to the saved videos on Instagram.Those are extremely detailed long form videos that walk through the full pattern.

Be sure to read the description clearly to learn exactly what type of instruction are included. 


Do you kits come with all the supplies to do my whole project?

Yes. I will never sell a kit where you don't have everything you need to finish the kit. Some kits have more supplies, like heat erasable pens which are a super helpful supply that make your life easier but I always offer alternatives in my instructions if you do not purchase the add ons. 


What is the best fabric to use for embroidery?

You can embroidery on almost anything. Old sheets cut up was the first thing I used, it worked great. I've used just basic cotton packs from the craft shops. But one of my favourites is Kona Cotton 100% Cotton. The one reason I recommend cotton for a high quality option is because it has great brand recognition. You can head to a fabric shop or quilting shop and they will likely have it or be able to show you the comparable brands (Freespirit Cotton, Northcott Cotton, Tula Fabrics, Designer Essentials). Another option is to look for a good quality 100% cotton premium quilting fabric. 


What is the best needle to use for embroidery? 

There is no right or wrong answer for this but all of my kits come with a Tapestry needle size 24. The reason; it is the most versatile(In my opinion) needle. It has a large eye which is easy to thread for embroidery, especially when stitching with 6 strands which we do often in my patterns and its medium thickness to work for a variety of number of strands.


How long do these projects take? 

Each kit will be different and each stitcher will be different. Embroidery is not a quick craft although some kits take less than others. On average, the kits take 6-10 hrs of work.