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Little Stitchy Bee

Kids Rainbow Stitch Sampler Embroidery Kit with 4" Hoop - Creative Stitching Fun for Young Crafters

Kids Rainbow Stitch Sampler Embroidery Kit with 4" Hoop - Creative Stitching Fun for Young Crafters

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Introduce your child to the world of embroidery with our Little Stitchy Jr Embroidery Kits. This delightful kit is designed specifically for young crafters, offering a perfect blend of creativity and fun. Watch your child's imagination come to life as they explore the art of stitching with our comprehensive kit.

Kids will learn 9 different embroidery stitches including my kid friendly variation of a difficult stitch "French knot". This sampler kit is fun, colour

Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether your child is a beginner or already familiar with embroidery, this kit offers a delightful challenge and a chance to expand their stitching repertoire. Age ranges are completely dependent on your child's fine motor skills.

Ages 5-7 may require moderate support

Ages 8-10 should require minimal support

Ages 10+ should require little to no support

The main supports that should be needed are help with threading their needle(regardless of needle threader younger children may still struggle), tying a knot in the end of their thread, fixing knots when they happen.


  1. 4" Embroidery Hoop:

    • Sturdy and easy-to-use hoop for securing the fabric while keeping the fabric tight for easier stitching.
    • Ideal 4" hoop size for small hands, making it perfect for kids
  2. Tapestry Needle:

    • Safe and blunt-tipped needle.
    • Perfect for threading yarn or embroidery floss. 
    • Larger eye for easier threading.
  3. Pre-Printed Fabric:

    • High-quality fabric featuring adorable designs that spark creativity.
    • Designs that encourage fine motor skills development and artistic expression.
  4. Needle Threader:

    • Handy needle threader for easy and frustration-free threading.
    • Simplifies the process, allowing kids to focus on the joy of stitching.
  5. Embroidery Floss:

    • Vibrant and colourful embroidery floss to bring designs to life.
    • Enough embroidery floss to allow for mistakes and future creative projects
  6. Video Tutorials:

    • Engaging and child-friendly video tutorials to guide kids through the basics of embroidery from start to finish.
    • Step-by-step instructions on various stitches, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
    • Following a slow pace with plenty of repetition, encouragements and prompts to pause the video so they don't lose their place and get overwhelmed. 
    • The instructions are designed for multiple skill levels to find success and require as little adult direction and support. (age and fine motor dependent) 
  7. Nine Stitches to Learn:
    • Dive into the art of stitching with a variety of nine fundamental embroidery stitches.
    • From the basics to more intricate stitches, our kit provides a comprehensive learning experience while maintaining success for kids.

Key Features:


  • Educational Fun: Combines creativity with learning, fostering fine motor skills, mindfulness and patience.
  • Safe Materials: Child-friendly materials ensure a worry-free crafting experience.
  • Reusable Hoop: The 4" hoop can be reused for future projects, providing long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Variety of Designs: Pre-printed fabric with a variety of charming designs to suit different tastes.
  • Colourful Embroidery Floss: Enhances the visual appeal of creations.


Perfect Gift Idea: Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just a surprise, our Little Stitchy Jr Embroidery Kit makes for a thoughtful and entertaining gift that inspires artistic expression in young minds.

Embark on a stitching adventure with your child today!

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